At Frost Engineering, we offer comprehensive structural design and retrofit services that ensure the longevity, safety, and functionality of buildings and infrastructure. Our team of experienced structural engineers excels in both new construction projects and retrofitting existing structures to withstand modern demands including seismic forces. Whether designing new buildings from the ground up or enhancing the resilience of aging structures, we prioritize innovative solutions that adhere to the latest industry standards and regulatory requirements. Frost serves as the Engineer of Record (EOR), delegated design engineer, or the review engineer for design projects in a wide range of project types including commercial, industrial, multi-residential, educational, medical, and data sectors. Frost supplies engineered sealed plans, 3D models for conflict avoidance, and engineered calculations where required. Structural designs at Frost incorporate various construction methods and materials, including but not limited to reinforced concrete, hot-rolled steel, cold-formed steel, masonry, pultruded FRP, open-web steel joists, aluminum, and timber. The expertise in a wide range of materials allows Frost to provide safe, tailored and cost-efficient solutions to our clients while focusing on collaborative communication and client satisfaction.