Project Description

Baugo Community Center

Jamestown, Indiana
  • Arkos Design
  • Structural Design & Retrofit
  • Specialty Materials & Engineering
Market Sector:
  • Community & Faith

Frost Engineering & Consulting partnered with Arkos Design to retrofit and annex a historic building in Jamestown, Indiana. The Baugo Township High School Gymnasium, originally built in 1929, is listed as an Indiana Landmark. It was retrofitted into a new community center, comprising approximately 10,500 sq. ft. with an estimated retrofit construction cost of $3 million.  The newly upgraded community center features a kitchen, space for fitness classes and tutoring, as well as a gymnasium.

Frost was the engineer of record for this project and directed all major design decisions. The publicly accessible floor area was designated for an assembly occupancy classification with a maximum planned occupancy warranting it being evaluated and designed as a Risk Category III structure. Total project time was estimated at approximately 18 months to completion. The structures consisted of reinforced concrete footings and piers, slabs on grade, hot-rolled steel framing with braced and moment-resisting connections, loadbearing cold-formed steel walls, plywood and corrugated steel decking, loadbearing wood and glulam framing, precast concrete, and structural anchoring into original hollow terra cotta masonry blocks to support public access and maintenance catwalks (which included load-testing validation).

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