Project Description

Studebaker Buildings

South Bend, Indiana
  • Kil Architecture
  • Structural Design & Retrofit
  • Planning, Assessment & Risk Management
Market Sector:
  • Commercial

The Renaissance District is just south of downtown South Bend, Indiana and encompasses 1.3 million square feet of reborn industrial space. It is surrounded by an area of 80 blocks acting as a business district, marketplace and neighborhood. In the heart of the district is the former Studebaker main plant, a massive manufacturing complex with dozens of buildings.

For half a century, Studebaker was one of the largest, most innovative automobile makers in the world. At its height, the company employed 26, 000 workers producing a total of 4.2 million vehicles. The South Bend plant closed its doors in 1963 and since then the property has been largely vacant. As part of the Renaissance District development, the iconic Studebaker grounds have been rebuilt into the largest mixed-use technology campus in the Midwest.

Frost Engineering served as engineer of record on multiple buildings (#84, #112 and #113) with the former Studebaker compound. Frost utilized their experience in adaptive reuse construction, providing a comprehensive evaluation and retrofit of the historic structures.


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