Proctor & Gamble Scaffolding

Cincinnati, Ohio
  • McCormick Equipment Co.
  • Research & Testing
  • Planning, Assessments & Risk Management
Market Sector:
  • Material Handling, Distribution & Logistics
  • Industrial & Manufacturing

The team at Frost Engineering & Consulting collaborated with McCormick Equipment Co. at Proctor & Gamble in Cincinnati, Ohio to provide engineering review, testing, and inspecting of elevated work platforms. The scaffold work platforms were part of the production process at Proctor & Gamble, surrounded by work personnel and manufacturing equipment. High-end stress strain investigation into performance of the platforms was completed to get a better understanding of the load path.

Frost initially inspected the work platforms, carrying out a detailed gravity and lateral analysis in order to support McCormick’s plan to demolish and replace the existing brace system to better optimize the space for new equipment. Frost Engineering developed construction documents for new gravity support and lateral bracing systems as required by the removal of the existing brace system. The design of the new system maintained the function, load rating, and access to the platforms in the area.

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