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Making Decisions During Difficult Times – leaders will lead

Everyone I speak with who was working on Monday, 9/11/2001, will know exactly where they were when the event occurred. For me, I was in my car and my wife called me with the awful news. Nearly all of America went to work as did I.

For those that know me, you have heard this part of my story in that it was during this time I made one of the worst decisions of my career; however, it turned out to be an amazing learning experience.

I was a Director of a large AE Firm overseeing many engineers and technicians. Virtually everyone was listening to the news in one form or fashion (radio or TV). That day was so unreal. Then it was a deep fog on what to do. 

So, what did I do wrong as the Director of Engineering? I did not lead! We worked that day and the next day and possibly the next day. Then it hit me at the end of the third day as I recall! “Everyone go home and take care of family. Come back next week after you take care of your families.” 

In my observations – Everyone grew. We all became stronger in our personal and professional lives. Taking a hold of our own little world. Amazingly, nearly all of America became compassionate, kind and stronger. As a Nation we were also mad. We choose not to sit back. And this is what I have to offer today.

Each of us can find ways to be a better leader and stronger person. COVID-19 is this and COVID-19 is that. I ask all of us to recognize that we are compassionate & kind and we can practice these qualities daily. 

Although many weeks have passed since the community shutdown, there are many opportunities for all of us to lead. So go do what is natural to all of us – lead in our world!

Written by: Jerry Frost, President

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