Project Description

Aligned Energy Data Center

Phoenix, Arizona
  • Aligned Energy
  • Structural Design & Retrofit
  • Specialty Materials & Engineering
Market Sector:
  • Data Centers
  • Advanced Materials

Frost Engineering & Consulting has designed a wide range of infrastructure components at data and telecommunications centers, including buildings with server storage and office space; utility framing to support indoor server rooms; indoor and outdoor pipe racks to support server coolant conduits, support frames for generators, transformers, and coolant systems; rooftop dunnage structures, and acoustically insulated boundary walls for data center sites.

These types of facilities are often constructed or retrofitted under mission-critical conditions, and we have a unique toolkit of design-build aids, specialty materials that are procured and installed rapidly such as pultruded FRP, and construction administration experience to get your center constructed quickly so your systems can be up and running immediately.

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