Project Description

Irish Quarter Apartments

South Bend, Indiana
  • Kil Architecture
  • Structural Design & Retrofit
Market Sector:
  • Mixed-Used Residential
  • Commerical

The Frost team provided structural engineering services in support of Kil Architecture’s development of the property at 1740 South Bend Avenue in South Bend, Indiana. The three-story apartment building (the West Building) has an estimated square footage of approximately 30,000 square feet and the four-story apartment building (the East Building) has an estimated square footage of approximately 36,000 square feet.

Both buildings include a combination of residential units as well as commercial spaces at the ground level and parking. The build included wood framed construction, open web wood floor joists and engineered wood trusses, 14″ hollow-core precast concrete plank w/ 3″ concrete topping slab on the 2nd floor.  The third and fourth floors use dimensional lumber.


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