Project Description

Project Archives: University of Notre Dame Stadium Renovation & Campus Crossroads Expansion

Frost Engineering was enlisted for structural engineering services of the retrofit of an existing 1930 stadium concourse and of new construction as part of an academic facilities expansion to the stadium. A major aim of the project was to make the stadium a year-round hub for academic and student life.

The total project cost approximately $450 million for a facility expansion of approximately 800,000 sq. ft. Frost carried out delegated design services for two different contractors on the project. Total project time spanned approximately two years. Frost designed cold-formed steel “trapeze” hanger systems, walls (bearing, cladding, and partitions), and ceiling framing (carrying as much as 35 psf utility loads) in areas totaling approximately 5 – 10% of the total floor area of the facility. The scope encompassed the design and engineered calculation submittal for exterior and interior wall, acoustical ceiling, soffit, and door and window framing for various facilities, including musical rehearsal and recital halls, locker rooms, restrooms, public concourses, and club house suites. In addition, Frost was tasked with designing the steel shoring system and specifying the corresponding construction sequence to accommodate the new field entrance tunnel for visiting teams which passes through the original 1930 portion of the stadium.

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