Gurley Leep Honda

Elkhart, Indiana
  • Forum Architects, LLC
  • Structural Design & Retrofit
Market Sector:
  • Commercial

The project consisted of two buildings: the larger 35,000 sq. ft. facility was of new construction, and the smaller 15,000 sq. ft. facility was a retrofit of an existing building. The total project cost approximately $5 million, with a total project time of approximately two years. The structure consisted of reinforced concrete footings, slabs on grade, hot-rolled steel framing (including moment-resisting connections), CMU bearing and shear walls, precast floor decks at an interior steel-framed mezzanine, and open-web steel joist roofs with metal decking. Frost designed all of the aforementioned components and their corresponding connection details by adhering to the State Building Code and applying the equations and methodologies of IBC, ASCE 7, ACI 318, AISC 360, TMS 402/602, NCMA TEK, and SJI. Frost also responded to all RFIs on the project.

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